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Awash In A Field of Four-Leaf Clover Hair & Body Mist


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Didn’t hear the door when opportunity knocked? Is your wheel of fortune more like a flat tire? Time to (shamrock) shake it up and take a leaf, or four, of faith. We know it’s totally cliche, but… good things/small packages...Not Soap Radio packed these ultra-nourishing fragrances tight with the best antioxidants, essential oils and healing herbal extracts. Gently mist this blend of moisturizing botanicals, argan oil + clover extract from head to toe for smooth, silky skin and charmed hair. Skin’s natural radiance, boosted. Hair refreshed. Good fortune is stuck to you like velcro; you’ll be so lucky, pennies will want to collect you.


Green tea & white tea + clover

4.2 fl oz